19 December 2011

Easy Blues Guitar Chords in Key of G

Here's a beginner lesson that shows you how to play blues in the key of G with easy guitar chords.


The blues in G uses the three chords G7, C7 and D7. The chord diagrams below show easy open chord shapes you can use to play them.




If you find this G7 shape too hard to play then you can simplify it and play only the top four strings. Then you have only one note to finger - the first fret of the first string. The second, third and fourth strings are played open.


The C7 chord shape is just like a normal open C chord with your little finger added at the third fret of the third string. You can simplify this chord and play only the three notes that form a little triangle on the third, fourth and fifth strings. Finger it in the same way as the D7 chord:

  • First finger on the fourth string, second fret
  • Second finger on the fifth string, third fret
  • Third finger on the third string, third fret


Learn each of these chord shapes and practice changing from one to another until you get comfortable with them. When you feel ready you can start to practice the blues in G using the chord grid shown below.


Blues in G

The chord grid below shows the chords for each bar of the 12 bar blues progression in G major. To learn it you can break down the grid into three sections of four bars each. Practice each section separately until you master it, then put them together to play the whole 12 bar blues.




That’s all for this lesson, I hope you’ll enjoy learning and playing the blues in G with the easy open chord positions it’s shown you. If you have questions about playing blues guitar please use the comments link below to ask.

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