2 December 2011

GuitarJamz Membership Review

You know Marty Schwartz right? He's that funny guy with a hat that does great guitar lessons on YouTube. What you might not know is that Marty also has his own GuitarJamz web site that you can join to get access to a growing collection of over 800 guitar lessons.

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I've been a member of GuitarJamz for a few months now and in this post I'm sharing a few thoughts and bits of information on my experience. I hope it will help you learn more to decide if GuitarJamz membership is right for you.


If you already know Marty's YouTube lessons then you already know that there are lots of great free lessons from Marty on YouTube. So why pay for membership of his GuitarJamz site? Good question, glad you asked...


Why Pay for Membership?

There are a number of reasons why I choose to pay for access to the site. Here in no particular order are the main ones.


1. You get access to lessons that you can't find on YouTube.


2. Lessons are organized into categories with lists of lessons that follow each other. This saves me time otherwise wasted searching in YouTube. It makes it much easier to line up a series of lessons on a topic I want to learn about instead of following random lessons as I happen across them on YouTube.


3. The site includes tools that help you to track your progress. It's easy to see what lessons you've completed and what remains to be done.


4. Given all the great lessons that Marty has worked hard to create I don't mind paying a little in return. After all, it helps ensure that there will be more lessons for the future.


5. It's really great value. Membership costs as little as 40 US cents a day - that's less than the price of a coffee - a small price to pay for quality guitar lessons.


6. I like the convenience of the on-line format of a membership site:


- There are lots of different lessons to choose from

- No travel time to go to lessons

- Lessons are available whenever and wherever I want

- I can work on a lesson as many times and for as long as I like


So What's in the Site?

I'm not going to spend many words here describing the site's content. As I started to write about my experience I ended up with too much information to cover in an article like this. So I decided to put all the information into a short report that you can download for free.


The report gives an overview of the site features and the lessons content and shows you some of the tools for finding lessons and tracking progress.


I also included a tips section that tells you how I use some simple (and free) tools to get more out of the site, like keeping track of my recent lessons, and remembering cool lessons I'd like to come back to work on later (did I mention that with all those great lessons I sometimes just spend a while watching stuff when I should really be practicing...)


If you'd like to learn more, then click here to download my free report.


If you'd like to just get started with a free 3-day trial membership then you can click here (that's an affiliate link - I may receive a commission if you decide to subscribe after your trial).


Nick said...

I know Marty! I learnt "No Woman No Cry" last night with his Youtube lesson.

He is a great teacher. I just might join his membership. Thanks for being transparent about getting a commission if I join. Don't see much of that on the web.

Anonymous said...

I have been a member for about 4 months now after buying his guitar coaching club DVD's (thats all of them). I prefer the dvd's to the website, but the website is an expanded updated version, so if you want to squeeze a bit more out of a certain lesson, there's the web option (it contains all the dvd lessons too). I have worked my way through all the beginner songs and lessons, the beginner blues and intermediate discs. I am more of a systematic person, so sometimes Marty's learn what you want how you want approach sometimes clashes with my type A learning style, but maybe thats not a bad thing, if there is one thing he is teaching me its that this is an art and art doesn't follow a linear number type system. What I love is his humour and easy going personality that really shines through. Like most of you I have taken real guitar lessons and have never got passed a certain point, with Marty I continue to want to get to the next lesson and get better...key word being "want". I'm having a blast.

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