9 December 2011

Hand-wound Guitar Pickup Giveaway

Here's news of an opportunity for electric guitar players to win a hand-wound custom shop pickup.

I received news of this offer from Rice Custom Guitars, a family business that "crafts the finest quality custom made guitars". They have some nice looking guitars to drool over on their web site. Hey, it's free to look...image

The guitars might be beyond your budget, but from now until 31st December, Rich and Chris Rice offer you the chance to win a set of their hand-made Stratocaster style single-coil pickups worth US$250... absolutely free.
Rich Rice describes the pick-ups like this,

"These pickups are my personal favorites for S-Style guitars. Their clarity, string-to-string balance, and versatility are sure to impress you. I’m excited to be in a position to give this set away to a deserving musician, and sincerely hope you will enjoy their benefits.

MR-S pickups come standard with flat polepieces and parchment or black covers. These pickups are Quick-Dip™ potted to eliminate squeal while maintaining desirable microphonics.

Featuring AlNiCo III magnets and vintage style hand winding, MR-S pickups are very touch sensitive and responsive to playing dynamics. Wind options include magnet type, magnet size, magnet stagger, wire gauge, and strength of wind."

To enter the prize draw simply visit the competition page by clicking here – you’ll simply have to leave your name and email address. If you're lucky enough to win they'll ship you the pickups anywhere in the world.

Good luck!



Disclaimer: I am not in any way associated with Rice Custom Guitars. Just thought you could be interested in the giveaway opportunity.

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Rich Rice said...

Thanks for picking up un our giveaway, Gary! ;)

-Rich Rice

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