5 March 2012

Guitar Bends – Get Rid of Unwanted Noise

One of the problems I experienced when I learned to play bends on the guitar was the unwanted noises that came from strings next to the one I was bending. I got similar problems too when playing pull-offs and trills and even when playing single note lines where I would sometimes accidentally hit the wrong string with the pick. These noises are especially problematic when playing on an amplified electric guitar.


I struggled with these noises for a long time before accidentally stumbling across the playing techniques required to avoid them. In this video from Griff Hamlin you can discover how to block out unwanted strings by muting them with your picking or fretting hand.



I hope you enjoyed the video and learned some useful new techniques from it. If you’d like to learn more from Griff then check out some more free stuff from his Blues Guitar Unleashed course (affiliate link).

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