9 May 2012

50 Ways to Become a Better Guitarist

The UK magazine site Music Radar recently published its list of 50 tips to help make you a better guitar player. There are a lot of tips that will help you to make progress in this densely packed list, enough to keep you busy for a long time. In fact there are so many that if you try to put them all into practice at once I'm sure you'll be overwhelmed. I think it's a great list to bookmark so you can revisit it from time to time and pick a tip or two to work on for a while.


Maybe you'll find my list of favourites a useful place to start. It's not that the other tips are not all valuable, they are, but there are just so many you can't work them all at once. These are just my personal favourites at the moment.



If you're in a real hurry to get going, then here are the 3 tips I think are the most essential. First, realise that it's never too late. Then immediately book yourself a gig, even if it's only playing for your grandma at the end of the month. Finally, get off that forum (or web site) and get practicing.


What About You?

Do you have a favourite tip in the collection, or your own personal one that didn't appear in this list? Click the comments link below to share it with us.


Phil Johnson said...

I definitely agree with your top 3. The first time I booked a gig, I learned more about playing guitar with a band in 2 months then I had in the last two years.

My thought has always been that one band rehearsal is like 3 solo practice sessions. And one gig is like 3 band rehearsals.

Doktor Fell said...

Too right. One can write a song and rehearse it to perfection, but I've found that a piece does not properly gel until the band and I have played it live.

There's real psychology to go with this phenomenon, but suffice to say the best way to get tight on a tune is to play it in front of an audience.

Do so and when it comes to recording the work in a studio, you'll capture a performance that really hangs together.

Unknown said...

Tip no. 1 cannot be emphasized more, you have to play with a player who has attained a decent level in order to improve your own playing.


Guitar Rig Presets Online said...

Think out of the box and smart practicing are the most important.
Also use guitar amp modeling software to get easy to use different sound effects.

Will said...

Love your blog! I've been attempting to learn the guitar for awhile now and this has really helped. Thank you!

LIzzy said...

I agree all these are important. Practice constantly little and often and enjoy the moment or your interest will dip.

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